Friday, December 2, 2016

It's The Holiday Season

The Christmas season has often been called the "most wonderful time of the year!"   And it often is for many people.   I have been a big fan of Christmas since I was a little kid.  I probably should confess that I still "believe" in Santa.  I love what Christmas represents for the most part.  Of course, the main thing is the birth of Jesus, the greatest gift ever given!  Then there is the fun holiday movies, music, parties, the spirit of the season and the happiness of children on Christmas morning!!

But the holiday season can also shine a bright glaring light on the "holes" in our lives.  The mistakes, the sadness, the struggles.    It is common knowledge that depression is strongest around the holidays.  That addicts struggle the most with their addictions.  That people over spend, over stretch themselves and forget to do what really matters ....find the real meaning behind the season and the simple happiness in being around those that they love the most. 

I consider myself to be a reasonably wise person.  I know that God created me for a purpose and I do my best each day to work to achieve that purpose.  But even I admit that sometimes I struggle this time of year with finding the "significance" in my singleness at this stage of life.  I deal with the financial pressures I face as a single mom of a college student in a heighten way and I tend to beat myself up with the would of, should of, could of's at this time of year.

But I am taken back to the simple message in one of the Christmas cartoons I use to watch as a child.  Charlie Brown struggled with feeling alone and left out.  He couldn't seem to do anything right! (anyone identify?)   He constantly seemed to fail and his friends didn't let him forget that he did.  But in the midst of all of the chaos, no one seemed to point out to Charlie Brown the most important lesson of all...he always tried.  No matter how many times he messed up, let others down, did things the wrong could always count on good ole Charlie Brown to pitch in when needed.  

I love the scene in the movie when Charlie Brown is grumbling about not having friends or getting any Christmas cards.  He says in his own unique way "I know I don't have any friends! I don't see why we have to have a holiday to emphasize it!"   We laugh at Charlie Brown but in reality, many of us have been guilty of secretly feeling that way.    Someone didn't invite us to a party, others get big gifts and we get none, couples get engaged and we wallow in the fact we are alone.

Fighting to find the joy can be a daunting task at the holidays.   Comparing yourself to others and what they have is a killer.    Letting the little irritations of life get to you and grow larger than life is a joy stealer.   Isolating yourself from others is a sure fire path to a disastrous and miserable holiday.

In the chaos that was Charlie Brown's attempt to direct a simple Christmas play with a pitiful little tree, it took a thumb sucking, blanket dragging little boy to walk to the middle of the stage and gently remind everyone what Christmas was all about!!

So to my friends who are like me and struggle during the holiday season...may we learn a lesson from a little boy named Linus who didn't try to give the best gift, earn the top spot in the play or write the most eloquent speech.  Instead, he went to the tried and true and quoted words from the most prolific writer of all times and put into a short span of time the true meaning of Christmas.....

Happiest of Holidays to all of my wonderful friends and may the God we serve and love bless you all this Christmas with His most wonderful grace and love!!
Your Friend - April Phipps

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  1. Love your blogs! Merry Christmas to you and yours and Happy New Year !!! May God bless you richly!