Monday, March 10, 2014

All You Need Is Love :)

We all grow up hoping that we will discover that we possess some kind of talent.   We would love to be known for our singing, or our dancing, or our ability to speak in public.     Wouldn't it be incredible to have a talent that could support us financially, some way that we could leave our mark?   We can spend a lot of money developing our skills.   But the greatest irony is that we all have a gift that we can share and it doesn't cost us anything.

People enjoy being entertained but they NEED to be loved.  The value of a smile or an encouraging word cannot be measured in monetary terms.   Have you ever been having a bad day and received a text, call or message from a friend that just seemed to be right what you needed to hear?   Have you ever felt unloved or neglected and someone offered you a smile or a hug?   There is no way to describe the feeling that you get when you feel like someone else understands how you feel or knows what you are going through.  

Being an encourager is the greatest talent of all.  It won't make you famous, it won't make you rich as far as monetarily but it will make you rich in friendship.   Today's world is a fast paced place.  We fall into our routines and get easily lost in the hustle and bustle of life.   Sometimes we feel like we can hardly keep our own heads above water, much less take the time to worry about someone else's problems.  

When we were little, a lot of us were taught "to do unto others as we would have them do unto us".  This was the Golden Rule.   Unfortunately, it seems like a lot of people have forgotten this simple, easy principle.  When life seems to be piling a lot on you, the greatest way to cope is to step outside yourself and focus on someone else.   Planting a good seed of a  smile, hug or an encouraging word into the life of another has a way of blooming in your own life just when you seem to need it the most.     

We may never sing like Whitney, dance like Gene Kelly or speak like Billy Graham.  But we can be the "hero" of someone's day simply by noticing that they are there and taking a moment to show that we care!!       I would rather die rich in friends, than lonely with all the talent in the world!

In this thing called life with you my friends :)
April Phipps