Wednesday, June 13, 2012

"We interrupt this vacation for a message from our sponsors!"

I am currently in Hamilton, OH taking a vacation with my family. Ah there is nothing like it. Just a time to get away, relax, play games and spend sometime with my family. When you go home to your hometown to take a vacation you usually make plans to eat at all of the places that you don't have where you live now. For instance, only someone who has lived where I live would appreciate wanting to have Frisch's! :) So I have made my rounds of having my favorite ice cream, getting to eat Gold Star - a Cincinnati original and more. Another thing that you do is try to see as many people as you can. There is no way to see them all, but you go to your home church, you run around town and in a town the size of mine, you are more than likely to run into someone that you know while you are out and about. I had been so looking forward to coming home because I miss my family and I just needed a break for a little bit. We have all been there right? Just needing a break for a minute? But of course, God never takes a break. He knows what we need and when we need it. When you have gone through something like I have recently, sometimes you just need a visible reminder of what God can do. I can not begin to tell you about the provision, the grace, the comfort that God has blessed my life with the last few months! I have believed in God my entire life. But the last few months, it has been taken to a whole new level. He never ceases to amaze me with His "on time" love. I didn't come home or go on vacation to learn anything. I wanted to take a "mind" break. But it is often when we are not "trying" that we truly learn the most. I have been so reminded about the POWER of relationships this week. While home, my sister and I have been going around and visiting family and friends with my mom. I never truly realized how "rich" my mother was. Rich because of relationship. I have been touched watching her interaction with her cousin. The power of the relationship between them. She had to inform him that he will be going to a nursing home this week. But I watched him listen to her and I began to understand how much he trusts in her. He knows that she has his best interest at heart! Then I have watched her with her mother. My grandmother is an extraordinary person. She is and always has been a fighter, that is why she has always been one of my heroes! She has always had real "grit" :) She is fighting a life ending disease, but you would not really know it looking at her. She has maintained her grace, her sense of humor and her determination. I watch my mom and my aunts with my grandmother and I am blessed by the love that I feel in the room. Last example, a dear, dear friend of our family is in the end stages of her life here on earth. My mom, sister and I went to see her. This lady is and always has been such a great lady of faith! I have great memories of her going back as far as I can remember. When we were in the room, she motioned for my mom to come over to the bed. She reached out her hands and grabbed my mom's face and began to tell her how much she loved her. Years of memories, feelings and relationship were gathered into that one single moment. They didn't need to give each other grand accolades. They didn't need to try to recount every single conversation that they had ever had or what each other had ever done for one another. All of the feelings of a life long relationship were put into that one single moment of love and to say it was POWERFUL is a grand understatement. God spoke to my heart in that moment and reminded me about the POWER of RELATIONSHIP. We can live our entire life and go through money and things. We can live with a lot and we can scrape by on barely nothing. These things are all in the physical. What we can NOT live without is relationship! These days, it seems we spend the least amount of time in cultivating what is the most important thing in our lives! We have all witnessed the power of relationships. We have watched our friends and family and even ourselves be involved in good ones, bad ones, ones that have lead to heartbreak and ones that have been built and sustained upon a promise. Relationships are powerful!! They set our moods, they help us dream, they take our insecurities and put them on display! There is a great thrill in starting new relationships and then there is something comforting about trusting in an old, established one. If our relationship with our fellow man has the power to do all of those things, how much more powerful is the most important relationship in our lives? The one with our maker! God gives us the most yet often we are guilty of giving him our "less". We fit Him in our lives when it is convenient and we call on Him when we are in need. How much greater of a life could we live if we cultivated our time with Him. If we made Him a top priority. In that one amazing moment sitting in that room with my mom and her friend, I got to witness first hand what comes from a lifetime of spending time with someone, of always being available to them and being there for them. God is so there for us. We are always on His mind. He longs to commune with us and to build that kind of deep relationship with us. I am determined to work on my part. To not make God an after thought, a last minute thing. I have decided that the most important time of my day is the time that I spent working on my relationship with Him. I long for the other relationships! I love my family, I love my friends and I love the idea of someday being in love again. All of these hopes and wishes and relationships will be second best if I don't spend the time investing in the most important relationship of relationship with Jesus. When I get that where it should be, everything else just has a way of falling into place. I pray and cry to be wanted when all God is doing is praying and crying that I will want Him the most :) Funny it takes stepping back and taking a "vacation" to be quiet enough to be reminded of this most important message!! I get it God :) I LOVE YOU TOO!! :) And I trust you to know what is best for my life! Do you trust Him that much? He is waiting to spend time with you! I guarantee you it will be more than worth it! Your Friend in this walk of life! April