Tuesday, November 28, 2017

It's A Wonderful Life!

Hello Friends and Family!  I can't believe that we are heading into December!! Yes, that most joyous time of the year - you know the one with parties, plays, presents and peppermint everything? :)   I have always loved Christmas.    As a child I was the first one up, "accidentally" waking everyone else up as I got too impatient to wait for them to wake up on their own.   As I grew into a teenager, I was given the task of making something special for breakfast on Christmas to give me something to do while everyone slept in a little.  But we were at least allowed to dig into our stockings so that held me at bay for a little bit!

As I have grown into an adult, the "love" of Christmas as been a little bit harder to capture at times.  It used to just come so naturally but now I sometimes feel like I have to help "make it" happen.  The difference between being the getter to being the giver is a big one!  As a parent, I have often fought the pressure of making sure that I could get my child the latest and the greatest.  I have caved and paid the price for over committing financially more than one time.  I had a good heart and a good motive but that didn't help me to necessarily make good decisions :)

The older I get, the more I appreciate the fact that Thanksgiving is before Christmas.  As a kid, it just meant that we were that much closer to Christmas.   As an adult, I have learned to use it as a "reset" time.  A time to be thankful for what I have and to get my mind back into the right place of appreciating all that has been given to me and to help to spread that gift to others.    All growing up, a staple in my house at the holidays was the movie It's A Wonderful Life!   I think I can quote most of and I know my dad can...because he does :)    When I was younger, I could not appreciate the simple message that the movie conveys but as an adult, I not only get it but I cherish it.

Now let me say this...there is nothing wrong with giving gifts!   Trust me, I still love to receive them! wink wink :)  But I have found as much joy in giving gifts as I ever did in getting them.   I have also learned that some of the greatest, most precious things in life, are not things that you can buy.  They are acts of service done for others, quality time spent with the ones you love..you know where you put down the devices and actually enjoy the company of those in your physical presence :)  It's the feeling of putting down the pressures of what you don't have, what you not accomplished yet and taking a breather to look around and see what God has blessed you with.   Believe me, I know that is not so simple.  Some years it is easier to do than others.  Life can be hard and there are years you just want it to hurry and get to January already!   I am talking about the choice we have on how we are going to look at this season - as Scrooge or George Bailey :)

Like George Bailey in the first part of the movie, I can focus on the fact that I have not accomplished every dream that I had when I was younger, I don't live in the house of my dreams or even have a "significant other" to share my life with.    Or like the wiser George in the second half,  I can look around and see that I am  surrounded by people every day that I love.   I have a family that has always supported me, a son that I couldn't be prouder of,  and friends that really care about me.   The fact that I missed out on that opportunity, or I don't carry this title really pale in comparison to the fact that I have God given opportunities everyday to love people, to share the greatest gift ever given with them.    I am truly grateful for a roof over my head, food in my fridge and a great job that I love.    The holidays will always be what they are..crazy, hectic, busy and over before you know it!  You can spend it looking forward to it being over or you can take a moment to see all that God has blessed you with and remind yourself when it is all said and done...it really is A Wonderful Life!!

So thankful for each of you and pray that God will bless you abundantly this holiday season.   Knowing you is one of the things that I am thankful for.  My heart felt love to you and yours this Christmas!! :)

April Phipps

Sunday, September 3, 2017

"Don't put your mouth on that!"

We can all remember those moments as a kid where we would drop a piece of candy and pick it up to eat it and hear our parents say "don't put that in your mouth!"   Or the infamous putting our mouth on something that was not meant to be put in our mouths and hearing our mom yell "don't put your mouth on that!"   Whether it was a sugar craving, natural curiosity or just plain out rebellion :) after we went ahead and ate the offensive piece of food or put our mouth on something we shouldn't, we would soon discover why they gave the instruction they did when we tasted dirt or grass or burnt our lip.   We didn't like the instruction, so we decided we were wiser than those older than us and we basically had to learn the hard way!

I am often reminded of these moments when I repeat these mistakes as an adult.   So many times a situation will come up and I feel like I need to lend my wisdom or give my opinion.   Even when said wisdom or opinion were not asked for! :)   And in this day and age of social media, it is so easy to spout off and then get into a thread of defending someone or yourself when you were not even a part of the original conversation.  If you are like me, it is hard to sit back and watch what you feel are lies and injustices being spoken without speaking up!   But we could learn so much from watching the examples that Jesus set for us.   When faced by his strongest accusers, he never launched into a speech to defend himself or his actions.  Nor did he belittle another to make his point!  He let His actions speak louder than His words and He trusted that His heavenly Father knew the bigger picture. 

As a person who has worked in the ministry for many years, this battle of taming the tongue has been particularly hard.   First of all, I am an outspoken person by nature.  Secondly, I have a tendency to jump in and defend.  I have always hated watching the devil twist and turn people against each other and have often taken it up as a personal mission to "straighten situations out!"  And thirdly, I am in the "business" of people.  And wherever there are people, there will be hurts, hopes, disappointments, gratitude, misunderstandings, celebrations...and coming and going!

As you get older, you really should get wiser :)   I have been reading a particular scripture over and over to myself lately...Proverbs 21:23 says "Watch your tongue and keep your mouth shut and you will stay out of trouble!"    I have reminded myself of times when I thought I was helping and I was really only making it worse.   I think of times when I  took it on myself to "play God" and talk someone into staying at a church or to not make a certain decision.  Though my motives may be right and my intentions pure, the bottom line is I AM  NOT GOD.  I may not see what God sees.   He has the ability to see beyond what I can and to discern a person's heart.    Am I never to speak up then?   Do I not have a right to express an opinion or tell how I feel about a situation?  Am I to sit and watch when someone is spreading gossip and not jump in to stop it?  No!  BUT, what I am called to do FIRST is keep my devotional and prayer life strong.  To plug in daily and make sure that I know what the voice of God sounds like so I can distinguish between when I am feeling the urge to speak up because of His prompting or whether my flesh is causing me to want to "set it straight".  

I would like to think that as I am writing this blog that I have matured so much that I will not make the mistake of talking when I should be silent.  Or that I will not offer my opinion unless it has been asked for.  But let's be honest, then I would stop being human! :)  I do believe that God has been working on my heart and teaching me more and more each day the value of learning when to speak and when to stay silent.   Proverbs 18:21 NLT says "The tongue can bring death or life; those who love to talk will reap the consequences".     I don't know about you, but I would much rather speak life to others than be the cause of hurt!  I pray that God gives me the wisdom to discern between idle talk (gossip) and words of life....that I would learn to walk that fine line of knowing when silence is better than speaking!   Pray for this girl!  After all my kindergarten teacher said that I was a pleasure to have in class but that I didn't know the meaning of the word quiet! 😀

In this thing called life with you friends!! 
April Phipps

Friday, December 2, 2016

It's The Holiday Season

The Christmas season has often been called the "most wonderful time of the year!"   And it often is for many people.   I have been a big fan of Christmas since I was a little kid.  I probably should confess that I still "believe" in Santa.  I love what Christmas represents for the most part.  Of course, the main thing is the birth of Jesus, the greatest gift ever given!  Then there is the fun holiday movies, music, parties, the spirit of the season and the happiness of children on Christmas morning!!

But the holiday season can also shine a bright glaring light on the "holes" in our lives.  The mistakes, the sadness, the struggles.    It is common knowledge that depression is strongest around the holidays.  That addicts struggle the most with their addictions.  That people over spend, over stretch themselves and forget to do what really matters ....find the real meaning behind the season and the simple happiness in being around those that they love the most. 

I consider myself to be a reasonably wise person.  I know that God created me for a purpose and I do my best each day to work to achieve that purpose.  But even I admit that sometimes I struggle this time of year with finding the "significance" in my singleness at this stage of life.  I deal with the financial pressures I face as a single mom of a college student in a heighten way and I tend to beat myself up with the would of, should of, could of's at this time of year.

But I am taken back to the simple message in one of the Christmas cartoons I use to watch as a child.  Charlie Brown struggled with feeling alone and left out.  He couldn't seem to do anything right! (anyone identify?)   He constantly seemed to fail and his friends didn't let him forget that he did.  But in the midst of all of the chaos, no one seemed to point out to Charlie Brown the most important lesson of all...he always tried.  No matter how many times he messed up, let others down, did things the wrong way...you could always count on good ole Charlie Brown to pitch in when needed.  

I love the scene in the movie when Charlie Brown is grumbling about not having friends or getting any Christmas cards.  He says in his own unique way "I know I don't have any friends! I don't see why we have to have a holiday to emphasize it!"   We laugh at Charlie Brown but in reality, many of us have been guilty of secretly feeling that way.    Someone didn't invite us to a party, others get big gifts and we get none, couples get engaged and we wallow in the fact we are alone.

Fighting to find the joy can be a daunting task at the holidays.   Comparing yourself to others and what they have is a killer.    Letting the little irritations of life get to you and grow larger than life is a joy stealer.   Isolating yourself from others is a sure fire path to a disastrous and miserable holiday.

In the chaos that was Charlie Brown's attempt to direct a simple Christmas play with a pitiful little tree, it took a thumb sucking, blanket dragging little boy to walk to the middle of the stage and gently remind everyone what Christmas was all about!!

So to my friends who are like me and struggle during the holiday season...may we learn a lesson from a little boy named Linus who didn't try to give the best gift, earn the top spot in the play or write the most eloquent speech.  Instead, he went to the tried and true and quoted words from the most prolific writer of all times and put into a short span of time the true meaning of Christmas.....

Happiest of Holidays to all of my wonderful friends and may the God we serve and love bless you all this Christmas with His most wonderful grace and love!!
Your Friend - April Phipps

Saturday, January 30, 2016

And So It Goes

Have you ever had an awesome and horrible day at the same time?   It's what I like to call my most horribly awesome day ever :)    Horrible because of the pain, but awesome because of the healing.   Bad because your mind and heart goes places that you don't want to go!  But by going there, it allows your heart time to process and continue to mend where it has been broken.  I experienced a moment of unexpected grief today out of the blue when I happened to hear a song that I had not heard in years.   If you know me, this just got my mind to going and thinking and I felt like I should share in case it would help someone else :)

Grief is a strange thing.  We often associate it only with physical death.  But grief is so much more than that.   It is the thing we struggle with on a continual basis when we lose something that was dear to us.   When a relationship is ended, a friendship is loss, a situation happens out of our control that takes us to places we never intended to go.   Grief is defined as keen mental suffering or distress over affliction or loss; sharp sorrow; painful regret.   And grief never seems to manifest itself the same way or at convenient times.   It can come upon you when you least expect it, triggered by the small and most seemingly insignificant things.

Grieving is always given a negative connotation but the truth is that only by allowing ourselves to work the grieving process are we capable of moving on from what was to what is waiting for us.   Allowing ourselves to hurt and to feel is the only thing that will break down the barriers that we put up so quickly around our hearts.  Our natural instinct is to protect ourselves.    We have all heard "fool me once, shame on you.  fool me twice, shame on me".   We pride ourselves on become "hard" or what we like to call "smart".   We make blanket statements like I will never allow that to happen to me again.   I will never trust anyone again, etc.

When we suffer the physical loss of someone, we grieve and struggle with feelings of permanent loss.  The loved one that was taken is gone never to return.   We have to find the sense and the peace in the loss.  But we have our memories to heal us.  Physical death touches each of us at different times and there is something in us that makes us sympathize with other people because we feel a kinship because of our losses.

Losing something relationally brings grief in such a different way.   Our grief often takes us to places of isolation.  Leaves us feeling that there is no one who understands what we are feeling, or that no one has experienced the kind of hurt that we have felt.   Because of how broken our hearts are, we tend to try to bypass the grieving process altogether and pour ourselves into other areas of our lives, hoping that by staying busy and preoccupied, the hurt will just turn numb or go away altogether.

But grieving will happen one way or another.  It will happen by choice or by force.  You can allow yourself to feel the pain, the hurt, the rejection or you can stuff it all until you no longer have room to contain anymore.  Grieving will always bring a degree of pain, but it also brings cleansing and healing if you allow it to.  

God gave us grieving as our way of working through our struggles.   Grieving reminds us that we can still feel, that we are not emotionally dead.   By trusting in our heavenly Father and turning loose of the controls that we have around our heart, we begin to slowly allow the grieving to turn to realization and that realization then to healing.    The realization step is so important because in early stages of grief, we go through anger and denial.  Hurt is so raw that we are in danger of either becoming consumed by it or of shutting down altogether by refusing to deal with it.    When we get to the place that we are ready to accept the reality of our situation, then we are ready to take a step in a new direction.

That direction is then determined by the choice we make and that is to become bitter or to become whole again.   Neither happens to us overnight and honestly we all probably wrestle back and forth between the two.   But whatever we commit ourselves to is what will win out.   The enemy would love for us to succumb to the anger we feel when we face our reality.  He wants us to see only the unfairness of the situation or better yet, drown us in guilt that we caused the situation and we are to blame!

Our heavenly Father wants us to allow ourselves the freedom to grieve, experience the hurt, release the anger and allow Him to help us to move into healing.    He is faithful, patient and kind with us.  We are His children and His heart grieves for us and with us.     Grieving isn't pleasant but it is necessary!  

What situation or situations in your life have you failed to grieve over?   What is the condition of your heart?  Have you allowed yourself to truly face the reality of your situation?   Going through these steps will not break us like we fear, it will actually give us the freedom to walk into a new situation without bringing the baggage of the past with us!

Allow the Lord to minister to your heart and bring you to a place where He can help you let the healing begin :)

In this thing called life with you my friends-
April Phipps

P.S.  I have attached the song that started my journey today :)  It is one of the saddest, yet most beautiful songs I have ever heard!https://open.spotify.com/track/2r2XzhBMB4liDL9YW80Fqs

Friday, December 4, 2015

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like...an Empty Nest

I know that this title seems a little strange, but read on and it will make sense :)   Today was a weird and emotional day.  Has anyone ever had one of those?  You know the kind where you are happy and sad at the same time?  Excited but reflective too?    Those are the kind of days that I am glad only come around every once in awhile!    By nature, I am a positive person.   So these are not my fun days!   But I thought it was poignant to share because I know that someone is dealing with similar things and it is always nice to know that you are not alone in what you deal with right? :)

As most of you know, I went through a divorce around 4 years ago.   My life was turned upside down and I found myself in very unfamiliar territory.   My son and I moved several states, I found myself at a new job, in a new place with some family but nobody else that I really knew.   I threw myself into making sure my son was good.  He was half way through his 8th grade year at the time.   He was my priority.  Making sure he was happy was sure to make me happy.  I fought my feelings of sadness, abandonment, rejection with telling myself that I had my priorities in the right place at the time.   I was being a good mom!   At least that was my thought process.   We had been in Fort Smith for about 5 months when I was doing a devotional one day and I felt the Lord clearly speak to me.

I felt Him tell me that I needed to be very careful.  That I needed to watch and NOT allow myself to be totally absorbed in just taking care of my son, or 4 years later, I would be dealing with the same issues all over again..feelings of sadness, abandonment, rejection, etc.    In other words, God was telling me to make sure that I was having a life as well!! :)

Today I took my son to a university for a college day.  Watching him listen as they described different aspects of college life, seeing the excitement on his face as he went in the bookstore to buy a sweatshirt, hearing him dream about his life away at school next year,  I began to have so many different emotions!    How real it is becoming that my time "raising" him is quickly coming to an end I will always be his mom, but my "responsibilities" are changing.     I thought of how proud I am of him and what a great young man he has become.   But I could not help but have thoughts about how he didn't really need me that much anymore.   That soon I would be living in my house alone.

I left him at the school overnight with his cousins and I came back home.   I sat on my couch and just stared at my Christmas tree.  I felt emotionally drained for some reason.  I began to think about how quiet my house was, would he really need me anymore?  Then all of the sudden, the words that I felt the Lord speak to me all those years ago came back to me!   I began to remind myself of the blessings that the Lord had put into my life the last few years.   God had brought us to a place that was not just good for my son, but also good for me!   He has blessed me with a great church, a great job, the most fabulous friends AND so much more.    Even though God had spoken the words to me years ago, they were very relevant to the moment!

I share this story because I thought it was important to remind you that God will always prepare your way.  He will speak to you if you will listen.   Sometimes, He tells us things that maybe do not make that much sense at the time that He shares it, but always becomes real to you when you need to hear it the most.   God spoke words to me almost 4 years ago, but not until today, did I really understand how relevant they are.    He is always there for us.  Always there preparing the way for us.  We need to remember that HE sees the big picture and knows what our futures hold.

If I would have allowed myself, I could have stayed on my couch today and felt very sorry for myself.  But God in His goodness and grace, gently reminded me that He had prepared me for such a time as this.  That He had filled my life with great blessings. That not only was He watching over my son and helping him to find his purpose for his life, but that He was there ready to continue using me and bringing new purpose to mine.

Sure my son still has to finish the rest of his senior year and will be at my house for another good 7 months or so, but God is so good that He doesn't wait to comfort and guide us until we really need it, but He steps in early to prepare us for the next chapter of our lives.   He has been with me step by step in this journey of life!   Today, He reminded me that He has no plans of going anywhere.   That seasons of life come and go and things will always change, but His love and purpose for us do not :)

In this thing called life with you!
April Phipps


Thursday, October 8, 2015

Me Versus Myself

I have never been your "normal" girl :)   I love super heroes, action movies, watching football, etc.   One of my favorite cartoons when I was younger was the Justice League.  I would wake up on Saturdays and watch through other cartoons just waiting for that one to come on.   I loved the episodes where Superman would fight his evil alter ego.   They would go to an alternate universe and everything that was good about Superman in his own world was just as evil about him in the bizarro universe.

Why God uses simple things like this to speak a spiritual lesson to me always amuses me!   He knows me pretty well :)      Recently I had been going through just a little personal funk of feeling lonely.   My only child is a Senior in high school and I am single.   As great as he is, and as much as he loves me, I am not the person that he wants to spend all of his time with :)    He reminds me of myself at the age so much.  Something felt wrong if I was home!!  I had to be running around all of the time.  

On one of these particular nights of being by myself and feeling lonely, I was flipping through the TV and a certain show was on and the person was fighting an evil version of themselves.  I began to feel the Lord speak to me through this.   (Yes, I knew that me paying for cable was a Godly thing!! :)  The Lord began to show me that our strengths are often our weaknesses as well.   That the very things that make us who we are tend to be the very same things that the enemy uses against us.    I have such a heart for people.  I am motivated by being around people, spending time with them, loving people who are lonely, speaking into others lives.   I have a hard time doing anything half way.  I tend to leap before I look so to speak.     So not surprisingly, I struggle with feeling alone, being lonely, feeling invisible at times, feeling like I love others more than they love me.

That got me to thinking about other people that I know.   I have a friend that was a giver!  He was the true definition of a servant.  We worked together at a church.   You could ask him to do anything and he would try to do it for you.   He was such a giver that he didn't really draw healthy boundaries now that I look back on it.   After a few years of working with him,  all of the sudden, I  started to notice subtle little changes in him.   He was never a complainer, but he started to grumble and feel used.    He started to say things like why do I have to be the one to always do this or why doesn't that other person ever have to be here.  He started to feel like he gave all of the time, but did not get back.    Before he knew it, he was fed up and stepped out of his position.  He became of a victim of his own making. 

I can name story after story of people who I know that struggle with things that are on one hand - the best thing about them and on the other hand - the biggest problem they have.   The enemy is so cunning.    He doesn't scream things in our face, he whispers them in our ears.    He takes a subtle negative thought and plants it deep and then slowly makes it grow with his innuendos and lies.    For example:   because I make it a point to check on people and spend time with people, etc.  When I a home by myself on a Friday night, I have thoughts like "wonder what my friends are doing?"  Before I know it, the devil has turned those questions into thoughts like "i never get asked to do anything" or "I have no one to talk to"  and even..."people only call me when they need something from me!" 

Is that the truth he is telling me?   For the most part, absolutely not!!  Of course there will always be people who don't give back and only think of themselves.  But I am THAT person sometimes too.    The real truth is that the devil is using me against myself.  He is trying to take the gifting and the personality that God has given me and make me feel like it is a burden not a blessing.  That I would be better off not loving because then I would not feel unloved.   BUT the Word of God tells us that greater is He that is in us than He that is in the world!!    God gave us special talents and characteristics because He needed us to be willing to be used by Him to help others!!

What is your strength/weakness?    Are you courageous so you fight feeling afraid?   Are you loyal so then the enemy fights you with feelings of distrust?   Are you like me and you love with all your heart and then you fight feeling like no one will ever love you back the same?   We all need to learn to develop "spiritual earmuffs".   When the devil tries to whisper, we need to shout God's praise.    When he tries to fool us with lies, we need to learn to preach the Truth!    When we are tired and weary in our journey, we need to learn to surround ourselves with others who can help carry us in the right direction.

We can be our own worse critics, we can be our own worse enemies.   We can be the very thing that keeps us from reaching the full potential that God has for us.  Or we can learn to shut the enemy out when he tries to pull us to our "dark side" and believe that God made us the way He made us, for a purpose bigger than ourselves. That our best is still ahead and that like the Justice League cartoons...Good always wins!!!

In this thing called life with you my friends :)

April Phipps

Friday, May 29, 2015

Did You See What I Did? :)

Luke 6:31-34The Message (MSG)

31-34 “Here is a simple rule of thumb for behavior: Ask yourself what you want people to do for you; then grab the initiative and do it for them! If you only love the lovable, do you expect a pat on the back? Run-of-the-mill sinners do that. If you only help those who help you, do you expect a medal? Garden-variety sinners do that. If you only give for what you hope to get out of it, do you think that’s charity? The stingiest of pawnbrokers does that.

We have all heard the scripture do unto others as you would have them do to you.  I read this scripture in the Message Bible the other day and it began to make me think and I wanted to write a blog.  I really thought about this blog before I decided to go ahead and write it because I wanted to make sure that the thought in my heart was truly being conveyed and that I was not sounding like I was whiny or coming across as "poor me".   But I decided to go ahead with it because I just have to believe that I am not the only one who has dealt with what I am about to write!

Have you ever felt like you were giving and getting nothing in return?  Have you ever felt like you were there for everybody when they needed you but that the crickets were the only thing singing when you reached out?  I think we have all been there.   Trying to be Christian, trying to do what we think God would ask of us and feeling like we did it and no one cared or appreciated our effort. I have been a Christian most of my life and in the ministry for a majority of it.   I can tell you that the quickest way to lose your salvation is to lose focus of who you are really doing things for and who your true source is!

I would like to say that my time in the ministry has been nothing but roses, and that Christians have always acted ... well... like Christians :)   But let's be realistic; that world only exists in our imaginations and according to the cool Christmas commercials, Walgreens :)   The enemy is very cunning.  He often uses the things closest to our hearts to worm his way in.  We stand alert to the outside influences and we pray and stand strong against the big sins! So he gets to us by using our insecurities, our loneliness, our self esteem.  He convinces us that we are not appreciated.  He tells us that the Pastor doesn't even know our name, that we could miss 2 months and no one would actually notice. He cons us into believing that there are "favorites" in the church and that we do not fit into that exclusive group.   We get fired up in our "righteous indignation" and we end up changing churches or walking away from God altogether.    We allow our hurt feelings and our wounded spirits to dictate our actions.  We let our judgement become clouded by what we perceive as a slight or an offense.

You may say, "April how can you even know any of this?  You serve God.  You are friendly. You seem to have so many friends and know so many people!" I can say this to you because the enemy has tried to use this con on me so many times! He keeps a very accurate record down to the little details and he loves to show me the "movie" if I am willing to watch.   Some of April's greatest hits have included: "Look at all the years you gave to the ministry of Master's Commission.  How many of the leaders or former students have reached out to you in the last few years?" Others have included, "Hey April you gave your heart and soul to that church, has your former Pastor even checked in on you and CJ or cared about what became of you?"  He evens shows me mini-clips like, "Wow you check on that friend all the time! Look they are always going out with other people and never asking you!"

This may sound funny, but the truth is we are all susceptible to the lies of the enemy.   He loves to expose and take advantage of our generous nature, of our sensitive souls.  It is so easy to fall prey to the lies of the enemy because he has learned that subtle whispers work so good on God's people.  That they fall for them and they spread his lies without even knowing they are unwittingly being used by the person that they hate the most!   We lose sight of WHO we are doing things for and WHO the Source of our need is.   When you began to do things for the sake of a person, you will always be let down.   People were never meant to carry the burden of being solely responsible for the happiness and worth of another person. We are all on a level playing field. We are all imperfect, capable of making mistakes.  Mark it down. You will let someone down and be let down by someone. That's just how life goes.   

A trick I have found that is effective for me when I am facing these moments of feeling like I am invisible, that my efforts don't matter, etc. is to pour my time and my efforts into things that I may get no praise or recognition for. For example: God put a lady into my life about 2 years ago by the name of Zoey.  She is an elderly lady with limited mental and physical capabilities. Working with her is so trying because she will push your last nerve and never be satisfied with what you try to do for her.  Zoey will call me at all hours of the day and the night.  Most of this is because she is lonely and has no one and is alone in the world. She loves the Lord and quotes His Word to anyone who will listen. Most of the time, no one knows the times I talk to her, the things that I take to her, etc. but that is exactly why I do it! No one knows except God. :)

I use Zoey as my reminder. My reminder that I do what I do because it is what God has called me to do. That I live my life to please Him and Him alone. That He alone can provide the accolades and the security that I need.  He will never let me down or forsake me. I need to give because HE first gave.  We exercise forgiveness and patience with one another because we will need to be on the receiving end of that forgiveness and patience at any moment. We all need a "Zoey" to remind us that we don't give to get, we don't do to be recognized and that everyone deserves to know that God loves them!   

Don't let the enemy trick you and confuse you by causing you to question your heart and others motives. Don't let him fill your spirit with frustration and bitterness towards others.   Know your Source and do what you do to please Him and Him alone.  Find your "Zoey" to help keep yourself in check and know that when others may not see, He keeps the most accurate record around :)  

In this thing called life with you!! :) P.S. Meet my friend Zoey :)

April Phipps